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Camp Makemake is a family-owned, co-ed, sleepaway summer camp for 6 -17 year olds set on an organic blueberry farm near the village of Pelarco in Maule, Chile.
Unplug and join us for a week or two of fun and nature this summer. At camp you will make lifelong friends, develop new interests and discover new strengths.

Our wide range of camp activities take place across
700 hectares of private rivers, lakes, hills, fields
and native forests. 




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¿Por qué Camp Mákemáke?

Camp Mákemáke es una experiencia enriquecedora, única y significativa para los niños y niñas. 

Nuestro dinámico equipo internacional brinda experiencias extraordinarias en un entorno seguro, acogedor y natural.


El campamento les permite a los niños comenzar a descubrir quiénes son, cómo pueden contribuir al mundo y prosperar en él.

Capacitamos a nuestros campistas para que puedan enfrentar la adversidad con resiliencia  y vivan una vida plena, feliz y valiosa.


En el campamento los niños...  


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What people think about us...

Picking wild blackberries! #delighted #t

My three children ages 6, 8 and 10 all attended Camp Makemake. I had always gone to sleep away camp as a child in California and was so excited to hear about a similar concept in Chile.


  I had known Rebecca as a teacher and parent at the Grange school and always admired her dedication to children and her creative spirit.  When I picked the children up after their week at Camp Makemake I had never seen them so excited.  All three of them had equally positive experiences. 


My youngest couldn't stop talking about the animals, my middle daughter made new friends which given how shy she is never had been easy and my oldest son was finally allowed to break the rules of life - eating cake for lunch (just once) and getting to run wild and free and be a star for his natural curiosity and silliness. 


The kids also came back closer than ever as removing their parents for a week bonded them as brother and sisters.  Even coming up on a year later they share stories constantly about their week sleeping under the stars and playing with abandon. 


We are thrilled to send all three of them back this year.

- Monica Bua (Mia, Estella and Lucas's Mum)

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