Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Camp Makemake?

Camp Makemake is a sleepaway summer camp for 6 to 14 year olds. 

Where is it?

Makemake is is a ten minute drive away from the village of Pelarco in the Maule region of Chile.  It is set on an organic blueberry farm. The 750 hectare farm also has cattle, blackberries and apples. 

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What if I get homesick?

You will be so busy having fun you will probably have no time to miss home. But if you do, then you will be looked after by our counselors (many of who are also mothers) who understand , care and have many tricks up their sleeves to cheer you up.

Being homesick is a natural step in your first experience away from home and from experience, we know that it only comes in small bouts usually at night or during chill out time. There will always be someone there to give you a hug and put a smile back on your face. 

Check out our precamp worries page!

How will I get there and back?

On a private air-conditioned bus from Santiago. The journey takes about 3 hours from the pick up and drop off point in La Reina. The bus and driver are fully certified and all security checks are in place. You will wear seat belts for the journey and camp counselors plus the driver and an assistant will be on the bus to make sure everyone is safe and happy. There is a toilet on the bus and we will provide snacks. 


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Where will I sleep?

You will sleep inside a large airy tent with other kids of the same age and gender as you. Siblings or friends can be kept together if requested. The kids in your tent will be your team and you will work together with them throughout the week. Counselors will sleep in separate tents next to the kids' tents. The tents are set up inside the grounds of a the Makemake camp site which is next to a modern farm house. The tents will be cleaned out each morning by the teams ready for morning inspection. The farm house is fully equipped and extra blankets and bedding will be provided if necessary. 

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How will you keep me safe?

Your safety is our number one priority.

We will have strict Covid -19 policies in place for all areas of camp. 

Your counselors are trained teachers with current first aid qualifications. A productive, safe and happy environment will be maintained through the use of clear rules, high behavior expectations and regulations.

We will ensure that you stay out of the sun during peak hours, cover up, use hats and regularly apply suncream. Swimming sessions will be carefully monitored. There are specific rules for the pool and a limited number of campers allowed in the pool at one time. You will wear a lifejacket during our visit to the lake. 

You will supervised by an experienced adult at all times during your camp experience 

Can I take my phone or another electronic device like a tablet or Ipod?​

No, at Camp Makemake we want you to connect to nature not the internet. You will be too busy playing games, doing activities and hanging out with your new friends to use one anyway!  connect to nature not the internet. You will be too busy playing games, doing activities and hanging out with your new friends to use one anyway! 


What will happen if get sick or have an accident?

If you get sick you will be cared for as if you were at home. Your counselors are teachers and many are also mothers. Your parents will be notified immediately and a doctor will visit you at the camp. We will get you home fast or look after you depending on the individual situation.


The camp is situated opposite the local medical posta. An exceptional paramedic who has had years and years of experience lives and works there. He can be at the site in two minutes in the very unlikely case of an emergency.

Pelarco (5 mins away) also has a hospital with experienced doctors and Talca is a 35 minute drive away with a new hospital and various private clinics.

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I'm a bit nervous. What if I don't make friends?

You will not be alone. Many of our campers,  feel nervous before camp starts. The activities and games we have planned on the first few days are all designed to make sure that you will get to know the other campers very quickly and will make friends fast. Before you know it you will have a whole camp full of friends. We will be there to help you with your new friendships and you will be assigned a special team that will always be there to back you up in all the activities we do.  Camp Makemake is all about community and you will be a special part of it.

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What languages will I speak at camp?

All activities at Camp Makemake are in English. We will translate if necessary. If English is not your first language then it will be a perfect opportunity to be fully immersed in English. All the counselors speak both languages and you will probably find that many of the campers do too! 

What should I bring to camp