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In today's busy world our children and teens need regular opportunities to slow down, disconnect from their regular routines and reconnect with themselves, their peers and nature. They need a place and time to start to discover who they are, what is important to them and how they can give back. This is what we are here for. To provide a safe, inspiring and rejuvenating place and experience. A place and space where material things don't matter, where it's okay to be goofy and playful, where  it's okay to be exactly who you are. Our camps are designed to promote both physical and mental wellness in today's youth.  At camp we celebrate the joy that comes from new discoveries and new friendships. We learn to appreciate and connect to nature by learning about organic farming, local flora and fauna and how to love and protect our environment. Camp Makemake is here to enrich young lives and protect our natural world.


To inspire children and teens to respect and care for themselves, others and the natural world, to help build their self esteem and leadership skills through a range of enriching and memorable outdoor activities and experiences.


​Camp Makemake will be a leader in the delivery of high quality, inclusive and inspirational outdoor and environmental programming and teaching. It will promote sustainable farming and living. Camp Makemake will be a safe place full of peace and well- being, a place where people can come to recharge and connect with others, themselves and nature. Camp Makemake will provide positive, life-changing and uplifting nature-based experiences and be a role model for others seeking to do the same. 

Campamento de verano Chile

Laying on Grass
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