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CAMP LIFE     A shared experience and an individual journey!
At Camp Mákemáke the days are carefully structured with set mealtimes, bedtimes, campfires, circle times, free time and rest times. Every day the campers are presented with a series of optional activities ranging from kayaking to baking, to hiking.  Our campers are 100% free to participate or they can choose to opt out and just play with their friends or chill in a hammock.  Breakfast is at 8am every day and betime between 9pm to 10pm depending on the age of the campers. For some activities our campers are divided into the following groups:


AGES 6-7


AGES 8-9


AGES 10-11


AGES 12-14

Typical Activities
Horseback riding                           Hiking                                              Arts and Crafts
Cookery                                            Team sports                                   Archery
Kayaking                                          Canoeing                                        Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Tubing                                              Drama                                              Swimming
Harvesting blueberries                Animal care & Farm chores        Tractor rides
Special Events
  • The Mákemáke Talent Show
  • Welcome, Midweek and Farewell Campfire ceremonies 
  • The Mákemáke Early-bird Challenge
  • Group challenges
  • The Trashion Show
  • The Mákemáke Olympics
  • The Mákemáke Gala
  • And a few surprise events too!

Campers eat, play, sing and share as a group, but each camper's experience is unique. What our campers enjoy and remember the most are not the activities or special events, but a series of moments: 
  • howling with laughter over a funny team game,
  • the sounds of crickets and frogs, 
  • whispering and giggling in the tents at night,
  • linking arms while singing around a campfire,
  • feeding the animals,
  • a shared joke with a new friend,
  • the taste of hot blueberry pie made from the berries that they picked themselves,
  • the feeling of being part of something unique and special,
  • the first time they look up and see the Milky Way tumbling across our clear wide skies. 
Click on the photos to below to get a feel for camp life! 
Roasted Corn
Pile of Avocados
Organic Tomatoes

Everyone loves the food at Camp Makemake! We're passionate about good food and know what campers like and what is good for them too. We source local food and use organic vegetables from our garden.

We have a large high energy breakfast every day. Fruit, natural yoghurt, a choice of cereal, bread and a range of  spreads. Each day we make a special breakfast item like pancakes, waffles, crepes, blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs or french toast.

Mid-morning snack is watermelon, peaches, blueberries and other fruit.

Lunch is the main meal of the day. Our delicious and nutritious kid friendly menu should please even the fussiest of eaters. Fresh salad is always be part of the menu. We serve all of the vegetables separately so you can choose your favourites. There are large bowls full of fresh crisp lettuce, summer tomatoes drizzled in olive oil, cucumbers chopped up and dressed with lemon, grated carrot etc.

Afternoon snack is different every day, for example make your own ice-cream sundaes.

Every day we have a scrumptious farmhouse dinner featuring many family favourites such as fajitas, pasta, etc.


We love baking and cookies are our speciality - ever tried a snickerdoodle, a chocolate crinkle or a jam diagonal?

Our campers participate in the preparation of some of the food  and  also help with setting and clearing the table. All meals are prepared in the farmhouse kitchen.


Meals are a special experience at Camp Makemake. They are a time for us to share and enjoy each others' company. We always start our meals with a song.

Ask if you need a special diet as we can cater to most requests. We have a no peanut policy at camp. 


The Farmhouse Kitchen

Fresh Lemons
Egg Delivery
Freshly Baked Muffins

The Mákemáke Organic Farm


Camp Makemake is set on a sustainable family farm. We have been growing blueberries for over a decade. Recently we planted blackberries and apples. We keep cows, sheep, horses, donkeys and pigs. We make organic apple cider and blueberry vinegar.

We care profoundly about the future of our planet and are doing everything in our power to make sure it is a beautiful one and this includes sharing our farming with our campers. We hope our campers return home with a greater appreciation of the effort, energy and care that goes into producing the food that reaches their tables. 

Click here to visit our farm website:


The health and educational benefits of spending a week or more on a farm for children are countless. There is so much to explore and so many unexpected treasures to be found. 
At camp our campers :
  • learn where their food comes from
  • meet real huasos and horse ride with them
  • harvest blueberries
  • learn about organic farming 
  • taste honey from our hives
  • visit our worm farm
  • feed the pigs
  • visit the sheep and donkeys
  • ride tractors
  • ride the horses
  • learn from the farmer
  • climb on haystacks
  • get muddy
  • pick veggies for their meals
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