Take a break

Kids today lead busy lives they need to recharge their batteries too. They are on the go all the time: school, extra curricular activities, family events and sports fixtures. Camp is place to slow down, relax and reflect.  A change of scene and pace away from the often unseen pressures of daily life can do wonders for a child's well being and outlook on life.


Develop independence & leadership skills

Going away from home for a week or two can be daunting, but it's also liberating. Campers soon start doing things for themselves that they relied on adults to help them with before, from simple things such as, choosing what to wear to more complex things such as figuring out who they are and what they have to contribute to the world. 

Create lifelong memories
& have fun!

Camp is a positive, uplifting and memorable experience. Our number one goal is our campers' safety and happiness. We want the Makemake experience to be the best part of your child's summer. 

Improve their self-esteem

Campers are exposed to a range of new activities and experiences. They will try new food, meet new people, learn new songs, hear new jokes - the list is endless. Placing children a little out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to take safe and appropriate risks develops their flexibility,  motivation and confidence. 

Develop core values

At Camp Makemake we provide children with the core values of a strong moral individual by teaching them about respect, resilience, empathy and responsibility.  We place an emphasis on kindness, making the right choices, celebrating differences and living in harmony with our natural world. Our carefully though out programs allow children to reflect, develop a strong sense of self and ultimately thrive.

Become team players

Campers become integral members of a tightly-knit, caring community representing people from diverse cultures. They are  empowered to see themselves as responsible world citizens who no matter how small, can make a meaningful and important contribution to our world.

Connect to nature 

Campers eat, sleep and play outdoors. They wake up to the sound of the cows, go to sleep to a chorus of frogs and crickets, are shaded by trees in the day and dazzled by a show of stars at night. They are surrounded by fields, mountains, streams, woods and animals. This full immersion into nature enriches their perception of the world and their place within it. Nothing soothes, heals and delights like nature. 

Our dynamic team of counselors is made up from educators from all over the world, the majority are qualified teachers. We pride ourself on choosing staff of exceptional quality who are inspiring role models. All of our staff have experience leading and caring for children. They are carefully interviewed, submit references, have thorough background checks and complete staff training before camp starts.  

Disconnect from technology

Campers unplug from TV, cell phones and the internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world - real people, real activities, and real connections.

Are inspired by a dedicated,caring
& inspiring team

Watch this video to see the benefits of camp.

Why Camp Makemake?

Well, at camp kids...