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Refer a friend 

We value your help. If you refer a friend to camp and they sign up then both you and your friend will receive CL$20,000 off the price

of camp.

You can refer as many friends as you want - you could end up attending camp for free!


Get Started

1.  Register for Camp Makemake.

2. Tell a friend about Camp Makemake. 

3. Friend registers for Camp Makemake and fills your name in the who referred me space on the registration form.

4. Tell more friends about Camp Makemake and repeat the process. 

5. When registration is closed Cl$20,000 per referred and registered camper will be refunded into your bank account. Your friend will be discounted when they register. 


1. The discount is only given if the friend fills in your name at the time of registration.

2. Only one child per family will be discounted.

3. The camper must have attended camp in 2018 or 2019.

4. If there is no space left no discount will be given.

5. The friend must come from a new camp family. They must not have had siblings that attended camp.

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