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Ten reasons you should send your children to summer camp!

  1. At camp children become more independent and resilient by facing new challenges, making their own choices and spending time away from their usual care givers.

  2. A week spent outdoors at camp will be an incredible and unique memory making experience, one that they alone have ownership over and can draw on and share in the future..

  3. At camp children gain confidence by participating in a wide range of activities and making new friends from many different places.

  4. At camp children learn a wide variety of new skills from coiling pots to balancing on a Stand Up Paddle Board to expressing their feelings in front of a group around a campfire.

  5. Campers get a huge self esteem boost by becoming part of a caring and close community where they feel valued, cherished and listened to.

  6. At camp children will have a break from their family and home routine and return home inspired, enthusiastic and full of new ideas.

  7. Campers will relax and disconnect from technology by being physically active and spending time in nature. Camp fosters a love of the great outdoors!

  8. Campers is a creative place. Campers develop their imaginations by participating in a whole host of creative activities from trashion shows to art displays

  9. Campers will be inspired by wholesome role models: our carefully selected counselors!

  10. Campers will develop their communication skills. Camp is all about making real connections with yourself, each other and the natural world.

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