Meet The Team

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Founder & Director

Rebecca Cole

Rebecca is is a Canadian/British primary school teacher. Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Education with English and Drama at Cambridge University. Rebecca has over 20 years of teaching experience and has three children. She has been running Camp Makemake for four years now and is passionate about everything to do with it - especially the campers! At camp she spends her days madly running around making sure that everyone is safe and having fun and that all the programs are running smoothly.

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Camp Counselor

Sophie Emery

Sophie who hails from Huddersfield in England is a caring, hard working  and warm counselor and fully qualified teacher. Sophie studied languages and education at university in the UK. Sophie is a passionate and dedicated teacher and mother to three. She has taught at The Grange School and at Bradford school and is currently a primary school teacher at Santiago College. This will be Sophie's third year of working with us at camp At camp Sophie is full of stories, songs and funny jokes. Sophie is a keen reader and can often be found reading the campers bedtime stories.  Sophie is our chief baker and could probably make a Makemake blueberry pie in her sleep. She leads our cooking activiities. Sophie is one of  the counselors that our campers turn to when they need a bit of TLC or have a small cut or bruise. She is always there with a big hug, some no nonsense advice and a joke or a cup of tea to cheer them up. Sophie is a key part of our Makemake team.

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Camp Counselor

Rebecca Carberg

Becky is a fun-loving, enthusiastic and energetic counselor and fully qualified teacher from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She is a dedicated mother of two and the most enthusiastic campfire singer out there. Having attended and worked at the amazing Interlocken summer camp in New Hampshire for many years she knows hundreds of camp songs, rhymes, chants and games and is all about creating serious fun and camp spirit! When she brings out her old guitar and starts up some old classics around the camp fire some serious magic happens,  Becky currently teaches humanities at Nido de Aguilas in Santiago and brings with her great leadership skills and an invaluable wealth of experience working with our older children. Becky is an integral part of our team.


Camp Counselor

María Paz Valenzuela

With a huge grin constantly on her face, Pachi contributes so much to our camp community. Incredibly creative and talented, she is always busy creating something. Pachi is a doting mother to three and a fully qualified teacher, specialising in children with Special Needs. She completed her masters in education focusing on inclusion within the education system. Pachi is a trained story teller and runs special story-telling workshops throughout the year. Pachi is a talented artist too. She teaches art classes and draws and paints beautifully. Campfires with Pachi are the best - she plays the guitar and has an endless repertoire of songs.  We are so lucky to have her working at camp again with us this year. Her warmth, charisma and happy, caring nature make everyone around her feel good. She is a wonderful counselor and the campers naturally gravitate towards her. 


Camp Counselor

Josefa Cho

Josefa with her upbeat, happy personality is always searching for a natural and environmentally friendly way to lead her life.  She is an innate leader: assertive yet friendly and approachable.  She loves outdoor activities and  is always spontaneous and fun: one of life's go getters! Josefa studies and is passionate about nutrition and obstetrics. Having worked for many years as a child minder she has a natural affinity with children. Josefa is extremely athletic and currently plays volleyball for la Universidad Catolica. She is passionate about volleyball and is excited to share her talents and enthusiasm with our campers. WE are thrilled to have her join our team this year and know the campers will love her bubbly fun ways. 

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Founder & Operations Manager

Alberto Garcia-Huidobro

Alberto is a trained agronomist and the head farmer at Mákemáke farm.  At camp Alberto is in charge of horse back riding, water sports, camp maintenance (a big job!), expeditions and our nightly camp fires!  Alberto is passionate about nature, ecology, the environment, organic farming and is an experienced outdoorsman. Alberto guides our night hikes, river rafting trips and plays a mean game of table tennis. You will often find him educating our campers about farm life and inspiring them to be greener! 

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Camp Counselor

Zoe Sillano

Zoe iis a highly organised, dedicated and inspiring counselor. Zoe studied at the University of Manchester and has been a primary school teacher for many years. She has worked at Craighouse School, Bradford School and is currently teaching at Santiago College. Zoe is dedicated mother of two. This will be her second year of working with us at Camp Makemake and we feel honoured to have her back again. Zoe is a fine artist and has much input into our art programs here at camp. She has the campers doing all sorts of creative and imaginative things with paint, found objects, clay, paper, pencils, scissors and glue.  Zoe's ready smile and happy, gentle nature draw the campers to her. She is a much loved and valued member of our fabulous team.

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Camp Counselor

Victoria Villar

Vicky is a dynamic and crazy fun counselor and fully qualified teacher from Uruguay. She has worked at The Grange School in Santiago for over 17 years as the deputy head of the English department and is an outstanding teacher. She has two daughters and is very maternal so much so that the campers often seek her out when they want a chat or a hug. She is passionate about education, loves playing games (reigning Uno champion) and is warm and loving. Vicky has an adventurous spirit - she is always off on a mission with the kids to find a Gruffalo, a hidden fairy city or a missing sock! Vicky is also crafty and full of original ideas for our arts and crafts sessions. She is our resident clean freak, constantly sweeping out tents, teaching campers how to fold their clothes and making sure hands, faces and teeth are clean - the campers tremble when she is on tent inspection duty! Vicky can often be found in the camp kitchen whipping up a batch of her grandmother’s homemade gnocchi or some secret recipe for gourmet quiche. Vicky is a founding and invaluable member of the team. Her camp spirit and enthusiasm are unparalleled.


Camp Counselor

Augusta Ward

We are thrilled that Augusta from Rensselaerville, New York  will be joining the team this year for the first time.  As a long-time  family friend Augusta knows Camp Makemake and Makemake farm well. She is very familiar with the region and its local wildlife and foliage as her family own a  beautiful farm close by.  A Cazenovial college graduate, Augusta is a mother and a teacher and brings with her a wealth of international experience  working with children and teens of all ages and a passion for all things green.  Augusta loves yoga, photography and running and is a keen gardener. She is also a great baker and makes the best apple tart we have ever tried! We are excited to welcome Augusta to our team and know that she will be loved by the campers and counsellors alike. 

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Senior Camp Advisor

Josefina Correa 

Josefina is a  remarkable role model for our campers.She is heavily involved in the local community, and is a rock for many. Her energy, compassion, creativity and spirit are unstoppable at camp. She is the sort of person who dreams things up, and makes them happen through perseverance and hard work. Josefina worked as a fine arts teacher at St George’s school for many years and brings a wealth of experience and input into our art programs at Camp Makemake. At our camp shows there is nobody who claps louder or laughs harder.

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Camp Counselor

Leen Vandevelde

Leen is a fully qualified sports teacher from Belgium and is every inch the dream counselor. She is warm, caring, fun and is an outstanding teacher and mother. Compassionate and kind, Leen is one of those people that really listen to children and make them feel valued. She is a sports teacher and coach with years of outdoor education and teaching experience. Leen is full of ideas for treasure hunts, team games and sports. She has worked for The Grange School as head of the sports department for many years and is just about to start a fabulous new post as Head of sport, sustainability and outdoor education at Colegio Humboldt. Leen also has experience teaching water sports having run a windsurfing business for many years. We are honoured to have Leen participate for the third year running. Apart from her impressive experience and skill set Leen brings so much passion, enthusiasm, energy and buena onda to life at Camp Makemake.

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Camp Counselor

Kate Vivar

Always joking, laughing and having fun, Kate brings so much happiness to our camp community. The campers love her wacky sense of humour and funny stories. When she is not entertaining our campers on the farm Kate is a school librarian. Naturally, she loves books! She has worked at The Grange School, Craig house School and is currently working at El Colegio Alemán de Chicureo. Kate is Chilean and has spent many years living in Brazil. She is crazy about field hockey and loves to do sports activities with our campers. Nobody cheers louder or more enthusiastically than Kate. She loves eam games and is a team player in every sense of the word! We are so lucky to have Kate at Camp every year - we couldn’t do it without her. Kate has a heart of gold and our campers adore her.


Camp Counselor

Antonia Cristi

We are delighted to welcome Antonia to our team for the first time this year.  From her references we know that Antonia is wise, thoughtful, charismatic and kind-hearted. If there is a job to be done Antonia will always do it to the best of her ability. She is responsible and never gives up if she sets out to accomplish something - a great role model for our campers. Antonia  always has  a wide smile and open arms for those who need it.  Antonia is wonderful with children and her warm personality is infectious. She is studying medicine at Universidad Andrés Bello and is full of knowledge and interesting facts and figures.  She has tutored children from 2nd Basico to second medio in maths and science..  Antonia loves nature and physical activity and  is constantly striving to live a  healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are delighted to have her onboard and know that she will make a wonderful counselor.

Please note: Our support staff and junior counsellors change each year. The above staff come for one or more sessions each camp season. We still have some availability. This year we will not have outside specialists as it will not work with our Covid-19 bubble plan.