A shared experience and an individual journey

             Camp Life

We eat, play, sing and share as a group but each camper´s experience is unique.
What our campers enjoy and remember the most are not the activities but a series of moments: 
  • howling with laughter over a funny team game,
  • the sounds of crickets and frogs, 
  • whispering and giggling in the tents at night,
  • linking arms while singing around a campfire,
  • waking up to the sound of the cows,
  • a shared joke with a new friend, the taste of hot blueberry pie made from the berries that they picked themselves,
  • the feeling of being part of something unique and special,
  • the first time they gaze up and see the glittering Milky Way tumbling across our clear wide skies. 
At Camp Makemake the days are carefully structured with set mealtimes, bedtimes, campfires, circle times, free time and rest times.  Our campers are 100% free to participate in their choice of activity, they can also choose to opt out and just chill with a book in one of our hammocks too.
New and exciting events happen every day such as our The Camp Show or The Makemake Olympics.
Click on the images below to see what camp life is like. 
Vegetable picking
The food at Camp Makemake is organic. Most of it we grow ourselves. You will have the chance to see it growing in the vegetable patch at camp and to pick it fresh for your meals.
Circus Skills
We offer a magical circus workshop once a week. Our campers love it. It is run by a well known and very talented Australian clown who is resident in Maule, Tito.
Camp Library
We pride ourselves on our beautiful books and love to see our campers enjoying them. We have books in English and in Spanish for all ages and stages.
Horseback riding
We have sixteen beautiful horses on the farm. They are used by real huasos to round up the cows.
Watersports are big at Camp Makemake. We also offer canoeing and SUP. We share our lake with a family of black necked swans and many other beautiful birds.
Ball games
Our campsite is surrounded by grass and we have balls of all sorts. There is always some kind of ball game happening. Football, basketball, dodgeball...
Drama is a big part of Makemake. We put on shows of all kinds. Each camper is encouraged to participate and it does wonders for their self esteem
The Camp Kitchen is all set up for chefs in training. We teach our campers to bake bread, pies, pizzas, cookies - our cooking workshop is popular.
STEM activities
A STEM Challenge - In groups of three build Camp Makemake with mini marshmallows and toothpicks! We will add a lego stem challenge workshop to our 2020 program.
Tractor riding
Slow and steady! We get out and about on the farm as much as possible with our campers.
Camp fires
We share snacks, stories and songs around our campfire most nights. Here the girls are enjoying hot cheese sandwiches and listening to a story.
Pie making and eating
We pride ourselves on our pies and eat them hot with vanilla ice cream.
Water Colour Painting
Our resident water colour artist, Siski provides an incredible watercolour workshop for all of the campers.
Every afternoon the children participate in optional garden activities.
The Makemake Olympics
An event not to be missed!
Boat Building
These three boys are proudly showing off their joint creation.
Table tennis
We have a table tennis table and you can use it whenever you want. Last year we had a fabulous tournament.
The Makemake Talent Show
All of our campers participate in The Makemake show and it is definitely one of the highlights of camp.
Arts and crafts
A beautiful creation made by one of our older campers.
Messy creative fun. Make your own pinch pot, coil pot, piggy bank. We will teach you the basic pottery techniques and then you can experiment as you please.
Team work
Working together is one of the best things about camp.
Chill out time
Reading, chess, cards, drawing, board games, swinging in hammocks, relaxing in your tent, digging in the garden - you choose.
Pizza making
Notice how this pizza has two different sides. That´s because each side was made by a different camper. We made the base too with wholemeal flower olive oil and water.
The Hay Circle
Each morning after breakfast we meet at the Hay Circle. We sing, play games and share plans for the day. We also set up group challenges.
Pool fun
Layla the dog is desperate for a dip too. Happy late afternoons spent in the pool. We have a swimming session every day.
Roasting marshmallows
Ever tried a s´more? We make those too.
Nature challenge
Find something red.
Find something rough.
Find something furry.
Find something noisy.

What can you find
a)under a rock?
b)in the bark of tree?
c)under a pile of leaves?
Garden games
The camp garden is set up like a kids´paradise. Any garden game you can think of we will probably have. We also play a lot of active garden games in groups.
Anyone up for a game of darts?
The worm farm
We use worms to make beautiful nutrient rich soil. All of our scraps go to our worms. Here we are visiting the worm farm and learning about the process of organic farming.
Boat racing
Each year we have The Great Boat Race. These lolly stick boats are made in pairs and then are tested for strength, durability, design, originality and speed.
Water games
Which team can fill up their bucket with water first from another bucket using only a sponge. We play lots of games like this.
A village trip
Here we are meeting the mayor of Pelarco on a trip to our local village. We tried churrascas, ate icecream in the plaza, posted a letter at the post office and sang live on the local radio!
Caring for nature
We care deeply about nature. This photo was taken during a nature scavenger hunt.
Group challenges
Here we are all trying to step over a rope at exactly the same time. It is not as easy as it looks.
This group of girls decided to do some yoga in their free time.
Drama fun
We are working in small groups here to create different objects with our bodies. This is a blinking eyeball!
Eco art
We painted rocks with special messages or funny faces to take home as a reminder of the fun we had at camp.
Evening games
The kids are racing to reach their donut. We play lots of old fashioned party games like this one at Camp Makemake.
The farm is full of life. Animals are everywhere.
The Slippery Slip
Water games are key on our hot summer afternoons. This is part of a relay race.
Blueberry picking
The beauty of an organic farm is that you can eat the blueberries straight from the bushes.
Team games
An afternoon of field games. Lots of flour involved!
The Stone Circle
There is a circle of stones in the woods in our camp where we gather to reflect, tell stories, talk about plans for our day, share jokes, do riddles, play games and sing songs.
Master Chef
We had a banana split master chef competition.
Organic farming
There is plenty of opportunity to learn about how and why things work the way they do on our organic farm. Here the campers are looking at our worms.
Playing cards
Cookies, hot chocolate and cards one evening. We have just invested in lots of new card games. Have you played Sushi go!, Slamwich or Rat a tat Cat? They are all great fun.
Crab football
A ridiculously funny and exhausting team game. We play lots of funny games like this. Every tried pool noodle hockey?
Drama games.
Check out the two cheeky sisters sharing a secret when their eyes should have been shut!
During your time at Camp Makemake you will explore our entire farm. It is huge! We even have a haunted house.
Outdoor fun
Fun in the afternoon sun.
Mud pie making
Creativity in the fresh air.
Hill walking
The farm is filled with hiking trails. This trail passes by a huge an ancient quillay tree.
This group of children were busy planning a city with rocks, leaves and dirt.
The mud kitchen
Many fine foods are prepared here using dirt, leaves, stones, seeds, berries etc.
Forest School
These boys were making a road through the forest for their trucks. We set up the our wooded areas with many elements inspired by the forest school movement.
A tire swing
Well actually we have two of them. Old fashioned pleasures are the best.
Fashion shows
In this team bonding activity, groups of children had design an outfit for a model to hit the Makemake Milan Runway. A top designer was chosen for each group and the children only had a roll of masking tape and a pile of newspaper to create a garment and accessories with.
The Makemake Pets
We have two dogs at Camp Makemake. This is Layla. She loves to play football.

Everyone loves the food at Camp Makemake! We`re passionate about good food and know what campers like and what is good for them too. We source local food as much as we can and use organic vegetables from our garden.

Our campers have access to cold fresh water all day and real fruit juices and milk during meal and snack times. There are no soft drinks or artificially flavored juices at camp.

We have a large high energy breakfast every day. Fruit, natural yoghurt, a choice of cereal, bread and a range of delicious spreads. Each day we make a special breakfast item like pancakes, waffles, crepes, blueberry muffins, or french toast.

Mid-morning snack is watermelon, peaches, blueberries and other fruit.

Lunch is the main meal of the day. The delicious and nutritious menu should please even the fussiest of eaters. Fresh salad is always be part of the menu. We serve all of the vegetables separately so you can choose your favourites. There are large bowls full of fresh crisp lettuce, summer tomatoes drizzled in olive oil, cucumbers chopped up and dressed with lemon, grated carrot etc.

Afternoon snack is different every day. for example make your own ice-cream sundaes.

Every day we have a scrumptious farmhouse dinner featuring many family favouries such as fajitas, pasta, etc.


We love baking and cookies are our speciality - have you ever tried a snickerdoodle, a chocolate crinkle or a jam diagonal?

Our campers participate in the preparation of some of the food  and  also help with setting and clearing the table and everyone . All meals are prepared in the farmhouse kitchen.


Meals are a special time at Camp Makemake. They are a time for us all to be together and enjoy each others' company. We always start our meals with a song.

Ask if you need a special diet as we can cater to most requests. We have a no peanut policy at camp. 

The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Makemake Organic Farm

The health and educational benefits of spending
a week or more on a farm for children are countless.
Our campers :
  • learn where their food comes from
  • meet real huasos and horse ride with them
  • harvest blueberries
  • learn about organic farming 
  • taste honey from our hives
  • visit our worm farm
  • ride tractors
  • climb on haystacks
  • get muddy
  • harvest veggies for their meals

The Makemake Organic Farm is a sustainable family farm. We have been growing blueberries for over a decade. Recently we planted blackberries and apples.

During the day our fields are a hive of activity, teeming with wild flowers, bees and other helpful plants and insects. Local wildlife, including countless bird species, have made their homes in our meadows, forests, lakes and streams. Far from the city, our air is pristine and when night falls, a chorus of frogs and crickets accompany the clearest of starry skies. Our fruit is a reflection of its environment: pure and organic. 


We care profoundly about the future of our planet and are doing everything in our power to make sure it is a beautiful one and this includes sharing our farming with our campers. We hope our campers return home with a greater appreciation of the effort, energy and care that goes into producing the food that reaches their tables. 

Click here to visit our farm website: www.makemakefarm.com



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